Self Evaluation Reflective

Feelings and analysis:

  • Finding my personal strengths and weaknesses was simple in some ways as I know myself and am able to identify most of my strengths and weaknesses. However, in some aspects, it was a hard task as for some of my strengths and weaknesses, as I am either unaware of them, or am unable to identify them. Having my blog to look back on made this easier.

What went well/badly?

  • I believe I was really critical of myself in this task because I felt I needed to understand my strengths and weaknesses so that I can push forward successfully as a creative. This encouraged me to dig deep and thoroughly seek where I have gone wrong in past projects and how I can move forward.

What have you learnt and how will it help you in future?

  • I have learned how to properly identify my weaknesses alongside my strengths. This will enable me to continue improving as a creative, while the technique will allow me to continually understand my areas for improvements and understand how to find them.