Taxi Lady Reflective

When we were doing our local concept research, a lady sat in a taxi called us over. Initially, we were all very surprised, but she began to talk about her hopes for her business so passionately that we were all hooked. She’s trying to create an establishment where young adults can go and socialise. From the way she described it, I imagine a kind of bar, except she explicitly said there would be no alcohol. She mentioned organic fruit and veg, and stressed her passion in regards to our choice about what we put into our bodies in terms of pesticides and chemicals. She also mentioned her passion for this came from the doctor’s explaining their concern for the same matter when her daughter was born with big feet due to abnormalities coming from the food chain. From this, I imagine a kind of healthy but not pretentious juice bar. She said she wanted some kind of stage in the building whereby young musicians could go and busk. The idea seems to be to create a place were young adults can go and socialise – young adults who possess the same passions can go and make new friends. She said that she called us over because we are exactly the kind of audience she aims to inspire. And that she did. I admired her passion for the younger generation, her passion for health and making friends, her passion for enjoying life. This strange and random conversation inspired concepts such as genetically modified organisms, passion for life, and young reflected interior spaces. These provide a basis for further research.