Concept Research Presentation Reflective

Presenting our group’s found concepts to the class was a helpful experience. It highlighted that some of our points weren’t concepts, and rather, they were mediums or ideas within a bigger concept, and some where too large a title. Being questioned by my peers enabled me to see this clearly, and understand where the actual concepts were within the points we made. This ultimately was helpful because it differentiated the bad and the strong concept ideas. For example, our concept idea being based on a book was challenged in terms of primary research. This question pushed me to think outside the box in how I would achieve this – that being by potentially visiting the place the book was set, which was an answer provided by a peer. From this I learned that before writing the concepts down, I should have visualised how I would gather information about the idea and where I wold gain my primary and secondary research from.

When watching my peers present their ideas, I was presented with some new concept ideas I otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. Some of my peers’ ideas were deep and focused which encouraged me to think in a similar way. I challenged the primary research that could occur when looking into mutilation, which was responded with by asking a class questionnaire about how we would change ourselves if we could. Doing this encouraged me to ask the same questions for my own ideas regarding primary research and perhaps using a questionnaire to gather such.

From this presentation activity, I have learned that I should extensively question my concept ideas before pushing them further – where can I really gather my primary and secondary research from? In addition to this, I have learned to think outside of the box when considering concepts – to consider the wider picture while also maintaining a focused eye within a concept to create an interesting one.