Henry Moore Documentary

Henry Moore Documentary


  • ‘The Picasso of sculpture’
  • Human body is basis for all sense of form
  • Art surrounds the human form – architecture is built around it
  • Inspired by Michelangelo carving heads in the street
  • ‘Destroy a thing to make something else out of it’
  • ‘Take the rough with the smooth’
  • Mix forms – organic unit
  • Form and life
  • Erotica – life is sex
  • Reclining figures
  • Shelter drawings – studies
  • Distortions represent fear

The artist’s main concepts are that the human body is the basis for all sense of form, exploring human form, to challenge our excepted ideas regarding form, and combining the feeling of a landscape with the feeling of a human form.

These concepts are communicated boaderline effectively in the artists work as even in his abstracted pieces, a kind of form can be identified, yet as they are abstracted, this is very unclear. The abstractedness masks whether forms are portrayed in the pieces intentionally or coincidentally. The contours of his figures sometimes reflect some contours in the landscapes – the legs are a cliff, the neck is a hill, etc, but this isn’t prevalent in all pieces.

When discussing my responses to Henry Moore with the class, and comparing this artist to others, such as Francis Bacon and Picasso, I conclude that personal concepts are more effective. They are translated through the artist’s work more sufficiently because the artist can portray real emotion in response to their concept. From this, I know that I wish to create a concept that holds a personal depth to it, to create the most effective work I possibly can.