Personal Concept Research Activity

Current news article:-

  • BBC News – Northern Lights
  • Why do the Northern lights occur and fascinate us?
  • Primary research – go and see the Northern lights, ask people what they think of the lights
  • Secondary research – research articles regarding the tourists who have had their driving disrupted by them

Political cause or subject:-

  • Feminism – explore the feminist movement, how far it has come and where it is hoped to go
  • Primary research – questionnaire for the class, ask who is a feminist and do they know what that word really means, what are their hopes for the feminist movement
  • Secondary research – look into historical feminists, where it began, feminist literature

Favourite subject at school other than art:-

  • English literature – base a concept around the same concept a book/novel has
  • Primary research – read the book, visit the places that inspired it, perhaps email the author and see if they reply, ask peers how they received the book
  • Secondary research – look at reviews and other artists who have responded to the book

Favourite book:-

  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – consider how this adult fantasy fiction could be transferred into art/interior spaces
  • Primary research – visit the place it was inspired by, ask how my friends have received the book – what they would do if they were to transfer it into the specialism
  • Secondary research – look at how other designers have created spaces inspired by books, find quotes from the book to inspired designs

Favourite magazine:-

  • House Beautiful – how do the media represent designers
  • Primary research – email editor for the magazine, questionnaire regarding whether readers judge the person in the article from the image/story
  • Secondary research – read the magazine, compare old copies to new copies and how the stories differ in comparison to the society it was written within

Favourite childhood memory:-

  • Being given a big, detail dolls house for Christmas – explore child imagination stimuli and the effects of a strong imagination in childhood
  • Primary research – perhaps look at primary school children and ask if I could go into the school and observe, look at how family children play
  • Secondary research – look at articles around the subject

Favourite hobby or interest:-

  • Collecting – explore the hoader’s disorder and represent the reasons why this is a disorder
  • Primary research – questionnaire asking if anyone hoards anything, what they hoard and how long for, why they can’t get rid of it
  • Secondary research – find films on hoarders, look at articles about the world record holder for hoarding

Another favourite hobby or interest:-

  • Watching films – explore set design for an interesting film
  • Primary research – go to a film set design
  • Secondary research – research into set design artists, how they translate the script into set

Favourite holiday destination:-

  • Barcelona – Gaudi’s concept – putting nature into architecture
  • Primary research – go back to Barcelona? re-look at photographs from last year
  • Secondary research – read book on Gaudi, explore how other’s have responded to his work