‘Full Emersion’ Concept Activity Reflective

Doing this research activity allowed me to fully submerse myself into a concept I wouldn’t normally choose. To problem solve, I gathered much primary information in response to the concept and formulate potential ideas from this. We were only given one and a half hours to gather enough research and create some kind of developmental ideas. However, doing this in such a short space of time emphasised the importance of primary research in terms of physically going out and gathering the research, while also proving that effective primary research can be done very quickly. When travelling between places, I could think of my ideas and where I would go with them if I were to pursue the concept. This was really beneficial, and from this I take the importance of primary research by visiting places and actually seeing the things being discussed. It opened new doors to new ideas that I otherwise would not have had. Moving forward, and now knowing the importance of primary research in this form, I intend to visit and gain personal responses for substantial primary research when researching my chosen concept.