‘Corporal Punishment’ Concept Activity

My addition to the class’ Corporal Punishment concept piece was the marks on the mannequin and the green bruise on the painting. I added the mannequin because I wanted to add something three-dimensional to the piece. I wanted to convey physical bruising through abstract textiles, which I put onto the mannequin. I coiled up bruise coloured threads and stuck them on the back of the body to mimic whipping and beating, and I added a mess of tissue paper and red and blue threads on the waist to simulate a cut or a really infected, sore bruise. I feel this reflects corporal punishment in a direct way – the bruise elements represent the actual beating people would have gained when it was legal in England. Overall, I feel I adapted, changed and responded to the existing piece and concept in a personal way. I used textiles and 3D elements as these are what I feel comfortable using, and I added the elements I thought were necessary to the piece. I think my change to the piece was effective as the mannequin was used by the following people and was finally used as the centre piece for the final photograph.