‘History of Objects’ Project Proposal

What do I want to learn?

  • The personal story behind a selection of personal objects
  • Why human attachment exists
  • Any common objects people are attached to

Two books I could read:-

  • ‘The Girl You Left Behind’ – Jojo Moyes
  • ‘Living With Less: How to D0wnsize to 100 Personal Possessions’

Two primary visits:-

A film:-

  • ‘Lord of the Rings’

A Ted Talks video:-

A piece of theatre, dance or music:-

Four development workshops:-

  • Creating objects from sculpture (wire, clay), developing ideas about the kinds of objects people are attached to, could be incorporated into interior design
  • Photograph workshop looking at where people keep their prized personal possessions (in jewellery boxes, in vanities), links into composition of interior design, develop my ideas regarding the kinds of objects people possess
  • Find interesting objects in a charity shop and create a history behind them through illustration, experiments with illustration in interior design
  • Look into family heirlooms, create a family tree, look into those places that recreate prized possessions into something else (ashes into a ring) and mimic them by burning something and creating something else from it, attach to the tree, show the history, place into a room to link into interior design, develops knowledge of the history of objects

What do I think I will end up communicating in my final piece?

  • I want to communicate the interesting histories of personal objects and why, we as humans, hold onto them for such an amount of time (pass them down generations, etc.) in my specialism of interior design.