‘Imagination in Children/Adults’ Project Proposal

What do I want to learn?

  • The differences between child’s/adult’s imagination in terms of dreams and nightmares
  • Why we have dreams and nightmares and if they are a reflection of our subconsciousness or not
  • Why they differ in children and adults (psychology)

Two books:-

  • ‘Peter Pan’ – J. M. Barrie
  • ‘The Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ – Douglas Adams

Two primary visits:-

A film:-

  • ‘The Science of Sleep’

A Ted Talks:-

A piece of theatre, dance or music:-

Development workshops:-

  • Create a dream journal, analyse the dreams and why they have occurred (due to my imagination), translate the dreams into textile forms, bring into interiors, will develop my personal response to the topic
  • Respond to artists who focus on dreams and imagination in children and adults using their medium, translate into interiors, develop knowledge of how other artists respond to the theme
  • Watch a child play with toys and record how their imagination portrays, create response pieces to this using paint, develop these into wall paper patterns, develops knowledge about children’s imagination
  • Discuss dreams with a child, what is their understanding of them/do they link to anything in their lives, develop into a room design (perhaps if the child describes a nightmare, design the nightmare), develops knowledge about child’s dreams

What do I think I will end up communicating in my final piece?

  • I wish to communicate the differences between children’s and adult’s imagination in terms of the dreams they have and why they have them.