Six Concept Ideas Activity

My six concept ideas were:

  • The effects of strong imagination in children
  • Academic vs. creative minds
  • Preservation – GMO’s, organic fruit/veg
  • Everything has come from somewhere – history of objects
  • Adult vs. children’s fiction
  • Kendal’s circus train

The concept that was chosen by Sorrel and Dave was ‘the history of objects’. This was chosen because this was the concept with the most primary research, which is an essential element to a good concept. Alongside this personal concepts work most successfully, and I could focus on personal objects for this concept to transmit the successful personal elements. I think that this was chosen by my tutors because it does contain the most primary research, however I don’t think it is the most interesting to explore.

The concept that was finalised by my peers was ‘the effects of a strong imagination in children/adults’. The other four were eliminated due to lack of primary research or being anything interesting. My peers enabled me to think more about the concept itself – to fully consider primary research and where I could take the project to create something innovative.

Overall, I think the two concepts I am left with will be interesting to write project proposals on, and to potentially research further. This task was beneficial in finding concepts I perhaps otherwise wouldn’t have chosen, and to explore areas I otherwise would not have.