Conversation With Manchester Tutor Reflective

During my group interview with the tutor at Manchester School of Art, I was asked about my current project. I stated I was beginning FMP and had some initial ideas about some concepts surrounding the idea of imagination and dreams. She responded with mentioning the word ‘liminal’ to me, which essentially means being on the threshold of something intangible – being in between. I thought this was really fitting and helpful because it straightened out some concept ideas I had in my head. I started putting this word into concept titles around real and imaginary worlds. I am aware this is something I visited before, so then I thought about the conscious and subconscious mind in terms of dreams being a questionable reflection of our subconsciousness. This is something that has always interested me – I used to have the desire to follow through with a psychology degree, specialising is psychiatry. I did one year of psychology in A Level, so I still have my notes on dreams and various aspects of the subconscious – Sigmund Freud being a key researcher into this subject. The tutor in Manchester giving me this word really helped and inspired me to focus down my initial concept idea of imagination. It is something I now wish to look more into and see if I can produce a substantial concept from it.