‘Liminality Between Conscious and Subconscious’ Concept Proposal

What do I want to learn?

  • How far human subconscious dreams are a reflection of their conscious mind or day to day life
  • Why we have dreams (psychology – are they to reaffirm or subconscious thoughts as Freud suggests?)

Two books:-

  • ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ – Sigmund Freud
  • ‘Dream Psychology’ – Sigmund Freud

Primary visits:-

A film:-

  • ‘The Science of Sleep’
  • ‘Inception’
  • ‘Horsehead’

A Ted Talks:-

A piece of theatre, dance or music:-

Development workshops:-

  • Create a dream journal, analyse the dreams and why they have occurred, translate the dreams into textile forms, bring into interiors, will develop my personal response to the topic
  • Respond to artists who focus on dreams (look at imagination focused dreams also) using their medium, translate into interiors, develop knowledge of how other artists respond to the theme
  • Create abstract response pieces to my personal dreams (e.g. stress dreams and anxiety dreams), develop into wallpaper patterns, put into interior spaces, develop response to topic
  • Analyse other people’s dreams (Rosie’s written down on phone) and extend into artworks – abstract textiles, put into interior space
  • Create response pieces to films/books about dreams and the psychology behind them, develop the pieces into furniture patterns/pieces and put into interiors

What do I think I will end up communicating in my final piece?

  • I wish to communicate the liminal relationship between the conscious and subconscious human mind in terms of the dreams we have and if there are reasons for them.