Tutorial Feedback Reflective

My feedback written on the FMP blog was, ‘Objects and their history, choose a topic, could be personal choose a variety of objects that evoke emotions and why? Or look at people who collect and why? Idea of human attachment’. I like the idea of looking into people who collect things, avid collectors and hoarders, and why this occurs. This is interesting to me because it is relatively personal in that my Mum is a massive hoarder and I myself collect, or did collect, specific things. For example, Syvanian Family toys and stationery rubbers as a child, books, mugs, jumpers. I have often gone through stages of collecting something and then completely terminating the collection and getting rid of it – does this reflect me changing and growing up? I think that perhaps everyone collects something, whether intentionally or not, everyone perhaps has that one thing they go out of their way to buy which they already possess a lot of – concert tickets, gemstones, jumpers. From this, I could look into the reverse – people who live with capsule wardrobes which only contain 10/20 things, travelers who only take a couple of personal items around with them, why they choose only these items if they are not practical. People who really don’t collect. Within this I would explore the idea of human attachment from a psychology perspective, using my psychology notes from A Level and new information I can find online and in books – why do we keep and collect things? This feedback was helpful in highlighting some areas can consider if I take the concept any further and has helped present an area of the concept I am more interested in.