Concept Presentation Reflective

Feelings and analysis:

  • Presenting my concept ideas enabled me to physically state my ideas out loud. I knew that this would either draw down my ideas (if I struggle to argue for them out loud, they will not work in the future) or build them up with additional ideas from my peers.

What went well/badly:

  • I found that, when I spoke of the objects concept, I was not as passionate about it as the dreams one, or even the imagination one. This ruled that concept out for me because I know that if I am not passionate about it now, I will not be able to successfully pursue it as much as I would be able to with one I liked.
  • Having an additional input from peers extended my ideas for the imagination concept. It was stated that I could look further into the materials and toys children are given to create or play with in schools, and how this affects their imagination.

What I have learned and how will it help me in the future:

  • Presenting my concept ideas enabled me to see which were successful and which weren’t. This has helped me narrow down my choices into imagination or dreams, which aren’t that different from each other. This will benefit my final decisions about my concept to pursue for FMP.