Choosing My Concept

I have concluded with a concept surrounding an exploration of the relationship and liminal threshold between the conscious mind and the subconscious dreams we as humans have. This concept really interests me and, as someone who has a dream every single night, I have continuous motivators and inspirations in my day to day life. I plan to create a dream journal, analyse my dreams, attempt lucid dreaming, consider other people’s dreams in reference to their lives and feelings, research into the work of Sigmund Freud and responding artists, while also considering the reverse; the effects of dreams on our day to day lives. As of yet, I am unsure what to title the concept, but I believe this will arise the more I explore the project. Although ‘Dreams’ is somewhat of a broad concept, I think I have successfully narrowed it down by defining it as exploring the relationship between our lives and our dreams. This provides the questions I wish to explore; ‘do our dreams respond to our lives/thoughts’ and ‘do our subconscious dreams reflect our conscious minds’? I wish to answer these questions within my final piece at the summative of my project, which I will achieve through research and continued development. Overall, I feel positive about my concept choice and feel confident about my decision.