Dreams Concept Reflective


Having had the idea of a concept surrounding dreams since the six potential concept ideas, my concern was the primary research for it. To problem solve, I researched further into the topic and realised there is plenty of primary and secondary research, it is perhaps just more indirect than I first thought. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount I found in both an art perspective and an psychology/science perspective, as I originally thought this area was limited. This helped me decide between my two concepts that I initially couldn’t decide between – history of objects and dreams. I am aware dreams is somewhat fictional, which was also a concern, however it is more interesting that objects. Having found substantial primary research actually defies the concept being too fictional, and emphasises its interest, meaning that it is now the concept I have chosen. I believe further research into the topic and surrounding areas was greatly beneficial in increasing my knowledge and understanding of the subject and has shown my that I simply need to look further into things before dismissing them.