Feedback Reflective


A tutorial with Sorrel today highlighted the ways I need to ensure I achieve the best grade I can. The first of these was to ensure my concept is well defined and clear. I will find out if this is the case with the way I have written my project proposal when I receive examiner feedback next week. As well as this however, I can ensure that I personally fully understand my concept by further researching and delving deep into the subject until it is essentially all I can think about. We also discussed the importance of hitting each part of the criteria, which I am confident I will achieve by keeping on top of my work – blogging and reflecting as I go. Finally, we discussed that even if I don’t get the grade I am striving for, I have still stepped up from the creative person I was a year ago – I have still stepped up from A-Levels. Overall, this tutorial helped confirm what I need to do to achieve my desired grade, while also confirming that I don’t need to put a daunting amount of pressure on myself to achieve what I want, because even if I don’t I still have done well to step up from last year, which in itself is an achievement to be proud of.