When re-watching the film ‘Matilda’ (1996), I realised there are some links to my concept looking into the subconscious. Throughout the film, the narrator mentions a human’s limited access to the full power of their mind, and compares the protagonist’s, Matilda’s, increased access to greater amounts of her subconscious brain than normal. Matilda having more access to parts of her brain encourages her to have a fantastical power which allows her to move objects by looking at them and willing them to move. When I think about this, I consider and compare this film to the film ‘Lucy’, where the protagonist eventually gains 100% access to her subconscious brain which allows her to do anything, such as fly and turn invisible, as well as moving objects with the power of her mind. Although these are both fictional films, they provide me with additional ideas for my project. I want to explore ways in which our daily life affects the dreams we have – the liminality between our life, the consciousness, and our dreams, the subconsciousness. These characters have more access (fictionally) to their subconscious mind than we have, which perhaps allows them to control their dreams? This gives me the idea to look into lucid dreaming, whereby the dreamer is able to control their own dreams through further access into their subconscious mind. Overall, even though ‘Matilda’ is aimed at a very young audience, I found watching it beneficial for giving me ideas within my project. It encouraged me to look at the film from the point of view of my concept, and therefore find ways in which it links. I will try to do this with every or most films I watch now, to ensure I truly am living and breathing my concept and putting it into everything I consume, especially in terms of art and media (films).