My Dream – 02/03/2017

The dream:

  • Manchester uni emailed and didn’t state if I had been accepted or not
  • I visited the uni and it looked like Kirkbie Kendal, my old teacher was looking at our portfolios
  • I made a wire giraffe
  • The flat groups were seven people instead of four – all the art girls were in one flat
  • Was serving someone at work and it took ages because I had to return things that I had accidentally sold

Relation to daily life:

  • Anxiety about Manchester’s answer
  • Was using wire in college that day, giraffes are my favourite animal
  • I know that I want a flat of four for my uni accommodation
  • Get nervous about taking too long when serving at work

No relation to daily life:

  • My old catering teacher? Haven’t studied catering in three years