Sewing Machine Reflective


Given the task to create two development pieces today, I wanted to explore my concept in a medium I feel comfortable in; textiles. From previous experiments, I know that I love machine embroidery and applique, so I wanted to bring this medium and these techniques into my current project to see what kind of outcomes I would achieve. However, immediately after this decision, I found that there wan’t a single sewing machine with an embroidery foot. To problem solve, I simply asked Mike if he could fit an embroidery foot onto a machine, however after he had done this, the sewing machine completely failed and wouldn’t work. I attempted to find him again to potentially fix the machine, but I was very aware of only having an hour left of the two hours to create the development pieces. I was put in a position where I either had to change my plans, or work around the failed sewing machine idea. To problem solve again, I decided to actually glue the threads onto the fabric to mimic scribbles in the shape of the image I initially wanted to replicate. This worked really interestingly and, although it was difficult, time consuming, and not the effect I wanted, it created some indifferent patterns and produced an image that was suitable for the message I wanted to convey. Overall, I have learned not to give up at the first hurdle – there is always another way around something if there are technical difficulties. I need to remember not to be too attached to my plans as well – being able to work around them enforced new ideas and techniques, and enabled my development as a creative.