Illustrator Logo Designs

Key images for my main ideas within my project:-


  • All the above images portray something coming out of a person’s head – representing dreams escaping the subconscious

Key terms within my project:-

  • Dreams
  • Psychology
  • The mind
  • Conscious/subconscious

Key images:-


  • Dreams are often represented by elements of the night sky – it’s mystical connotations, e.g. moon, stars, clouds, blue, black

Key terms in one word:-

  • Dreams

Similar companies:-

My logo:-


  • Head shape to represent human mind
  • Title defines the concept
  • Stars reflect common connotations of dreams – they occur at night-time
  • Shape could be rounder (watched video on how to round shapes after I made it)

Illustrator notes:-

  • Pen tool:
  • Don’t draw with fill turned on
  • Make curves from points – click and hold
  • Window/stroke/weight = line thickness
  • Cap/round = round edges of the lines

My poster:-


  • Goes into more detail regarding the concept
  • Sells the concept
  • Could be more exciting as is a poster not a logo – the logo could have been used, small, in the corner, rather than as the main focus