Life Drawing Reflective


For this life drawing session, I experimented with using a view finder and using coloured soft pastels. Usually, I opt for charcoal or biro pens as these feel more comfortable. So using colour felt really out of my comfort zone, however, attempting coloured pastels made me realise how much more fun and exciting using colour is. After this session, I think of soft pastels as a coloured version of charcoal – I can achieve the same textures and I can use the same techniques, meaning they are not an entirely new medium, yet the end result is far more aesthetically pleasing and effective due to the colour. I believe the first of the three images below is my best as there is a clearer depth to it and the complimentary colours (blue and orange) work really well. I think the middle image appears out of proportion because the entire right side of the back is hard to see next to the orange background. Using two colours with similar hues didn’t work so well for this reason – they blended into each other. I think using contrasting or complimentary colours works better. Overall, I have learned that I enjoy working in soft pastels and wish to experiment with them more in further sessions. I have also learnt that I find working within a view finder easier than drawing outright because I am able to concentrate on a certain space, creating more detail in the piece.