Project Proposal Feedback Reflective


The feedback from my project proposal generally surrounded being more concise and getting to the point in my explanations. Having discussed with Sorrel, I now see that there is a definitive time and place to be descriptive with my vocabulary, and within a project proposal isn’t one of them. It was also highlighted that parts of my concept were hidden and confused – it was unclear whether I was aiming to explore if dreams are fragments of our imagination, or whether I was looking at the relevance of our daily lives on our dreams. I intend to explore the latter, and only mentioned the former to provide the other side of the argument. Having this discussion really helped me clarify my concept on paper – it is often the case that something makes sense to the writer, but the point doesn’t come across to the reader. To problem solve, I clarified my concept properly in my project proposal following this tutorial which actually helped clarify it more to myself also. I was able to take a step back and re-look at the proposal, taking note and correcting the areas that seemed muddled. Doing this actually made me re-word my concept question to: ‘Is There a Relationship Between Life and Dreams?’ which, I think, successfully corresponds to the areas of dreams I wish to explore throughout FMP. Overall, this tutorial was really helpful for re-working my project proposal and ensuring it says what I want it to say. It was beneficial for me to re-look at it again, a week after I wrote it. I think this highlights the benefits of taking a step back from something, taking a break from it and considering it again in a new state of mind.