Project Proposal (Re-draft)

Is There a Relationship Between Daily Life and Dreams?


Beginning the course, I lacked much knowledge in regards to my personal strengths and weaknesses, but through continuous reflection and evaluation, I have come to realise them which has greatly benefitted me as a creative. I have realised a personal weakness is successful time management. To counteract this, I have created a timetable which will ensure my time is used efficiently. My strengths stand in evaluation and reflection – recognising my own problems and finding or seeking a solution. I take critique and work to improve the stated area, however, I could improve by critiquing myself as well. I aspire to undertake studies in interior design, which is a choice I made following my passion for and interest in the subject. Through this project, I hope to gain confidence and increased knowledge in this area, as well as within areas of visual communication which will benefit my design capabilities.

Project concept:-

My project questions whether the subconscious dreams the human mind creates during sleep are elements of fiction created by our imagination, or are in fact a reflection of our daily life; acting as a reaffirmation of our conscious thoughts. This is an ongoing argument within psychology, so I aim to conduct my own research into the conscious and subconscious mind, exploring the potential relationship between our dreams and our daily life through questionnaires and a personal dream journal. I intend to read ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ by Sigmund Freud to increase my knowledge of dream interpretation which will further my understanding of my own research. I will also explore relevant areas of psychology and science, looking extensively into research conducted by Sigmund Freud, while considering visual artists, such as photographer Gabriel Isak and artist Yayoi Kusama, who have responded to similar concepts. Through experimental workshops, such as textiles and photography, I will work towards creating a contemporary piece symbolising my final opinion. I consider working within the medium of film, which is an area I have not yet explored. This encourages me to attempt new art forms and extend my creative capabilities. I remain aware that I may make decisions which result in changes to my concept and initial aims. These changes will be documented within my reflective journal where they will be problem solved.


I understand the importance of continuous reflection and evaluation; I intend to bring my skills forward while continuing to build upon them by consistently reflecting upon my research, ideas, developments, and work within my reflective journal. Doing so will form a record of encountered problems and how they were solved, while also portraying the development of my project and my journey to a final outcome. Peer assessments and regular tutorials, which will also be reflected on, will benefit me in highlighting issues I would otherwise perhaps bypass. I will take any criticism and work to improve the relevant areas to ensure my project is of the highest possible standard. A final evaluation will be written in summation of my project to conclude and discuss my project as a whole.