New Technique Experiment Reflective


I found finding a good, new technique hard because I went through a stage during A-Level where I experimented with many different techniques, meaning that most I had found I had attempted before. However, when I looked further into it, I actually found many techniques that build upon existing techniques but incorporate something new. Doing this made me feel more comfortable because I could begin with a foundation of a technique I already had skills within and build on them with new materials. Out of my three experiments, two went well and one went badly. The one that went badly was sculpting out of only paper and masking tape. It failed because it finalised being too abstract, making the piece look nothing like how I wanted it to, however, I could have spent more time correcting the piece and maybe included an additional material to push it further. Generally, experimenting with new materials went well as I found that I could manipulate them in the same ways I can manipulate wire – a material I feel comfortable in. I feel I could have pushed myself out of my comfort zone even more and experimented with additional unfamiliar techniques. I have learnt that I need to constantly push myself further in terms of materials and techniques as doing this opens up new doors and develops my experimentation skills doing this will develop me as a creative.