New Technique Experiment


  • Japanese photographer Yuichi Ikehata: wire, clay and paper
  • I feel this technique is building upon my skills in wire sculpture – I haven’t ever included paper or clay in sculptures before.


  • My first attempt is a sculpture of my continuous line drawing from the previous task of a girl asleep in bed with a moon over her head. I think the fragmented paper and masking tape portrays the distortion dreams often have due to the limited pathway between the conscious and subconscious mind. The actual illustration/sculpture appears very conceptual and abstracted which I think works with the idea of distortion in dreams. I think this piece was successful and could be developed more, particularly the idea of representing distortion and fragmentation of dreams.


  • To push myself further than the wire sculpture, I attempted 3D sculpture in paper and masking tape. I found this much harder and I don’t think it reflects my image of a face at all. This is my least favourite of the pieces for this reason – it is too abstract.


  • I did my third attempt on a smaller scale as although I am comfortable working with wire, I am less comfortable working with it on such a small scale. I don’t feel this piece pushed me out of my comfort zone as much as it could have (working on a larger scale would have pushed me further I think), but it has broadened my wire sculpting skills, as well as sculpting with paper and masking tape.