Questionnaire Reflective


Initially, I found the questionnaire difficult. I felt intimidated by asking people my questions as the questions probed into their personal minds, which is something some people are not okay with. To problem solve, I was considerate about who I asked and how I asked them, for example I reminded them that it was anonymous and that I wasn’t going to take the information further. Doing this worked well and I received some good, helpful responses, however I would have like to ask more people. From this I intend to ask people I work with the questions to get a full range of ages and examples, I think this will be more effective than approaching people I don’t know or have any kind of relationship with. I don’t think that during the task I asked enough of a range of people – specifically ages. I have learned about other people’s relationships with dreams and their opinion on whether they link to their daily life or not. This will help the rest of my project in terms of me making my own decision, however, I believe I need more research prior to this.