Dream Analysis


Notes from my dream last night:

  • Ruth and me went to London. We went shopping and I bought two tops from Urban Outfitters, they had to be sent to my home but I was charged £4,000,000 because they went to a different place (a different country I think). One of the tops turned into a little green plastic thing for Dad.
  • We went out in London, Ruth became Sophie Labat, and she had to go in early because she had to get her uniform for university.
  • In asda, I walked past Arran several times and he kept making eye contact.
  • Mark got the train home with us, but the carriage was a little room with a bench in the middle rather than rows of seats, so me and him sat in the corner and Ruth was on the other side a couple of feet away.

Relation to my daily life:

  • Was chatting about going to London in college yesterday.
  • Messaged Ruth a couple of hours before going to bed.
  • Ordered something from Urban Outfitters.
  • Dad complain about his guitar pick (the little green thing maybe?).
  • Heard Em mention Sophie Labat to Sorrel.
  • Discovered Lydia’s concept for FMP was about uniforms.
  • Received an offer from Manchester University last night to the thought of uni was in my head.
  • Saw a picture of Arran on Instagram before I went to sleep.
  • Mark mentioned getting an internship in London.
  • Texted Mark before I went to sleep.

In conclusion, I believe this dream was in reflection of my daily life as it includes many elements from my day prior, however the elements are jumbled up and create a strange, random story which I believe is my imagination.