Abstract: Chistoph Niemann Documentary

  • Abstract = most important part of art – getting rid of everything not essential to making the point.
  • Abstracted enough to make sense.
  • Restriction of Lego = pixel drawing.

Can Lego be Art?:

  • Art is all about enabling a chance for something amazing to happen – trying, experimenting.
  • ‘Throw in something you think you’ll regret and that’s usually the most interesting part’.
  • Not creating an artificial world; taking bits you know and rearranging them.
  • Do stuff, be fearless – sparks of imagination; creating without worrying.

It's hard to give such a creative individual like Christoph Niemann an ordinary title like "illustrator" but it would probably serve him best. Over the weekend he created this exquisite sketch simp...:

This episode of ‘Abstract’ was insightful for knowledge about working in the creative industry, and being a creative everyday. It highlighted the importance of constantly creating to build up skills and create new things that would otherwise never have been created if you hadn’t have experimented. Experimentation if essential. I enjoyed this episode for a glimpse into how an employed illustrator maintains motivation and passion for creation.