Dream Representation in Gotham (Fiction)

In Gotham season 2, episode 8, antagonist Barbara begins the episode with a dream about her ex-fiance, which ends up as a nightmare. When I watched this episode, I noted the representation of the dream/nightmare. I also note the links during the dream that reflect her daily life ā€“ for example, the inclusion of her ex-fiance, the representation that she wished she had married him, the torment from her previous jail mates, the idea that she is thrown back in jail as he marries his current girlfriend which represents her fear of this. I really enjoyed how the dream/nightmare was presented. The camera zooms into her face as she realised the dream is becoming a nightmare, there is distortion of the camera to reflect the mystery of the dream, there are twisting camera angles as the nightmare begins to present a fearful and confused emotive. I found these elements of the scene really effective and inspire me to attempt to recreate my own film of a nightmare or dream in a similar way.