Manchester Whitworth Gallery Visit

  • I found Carl Packman’s creative instillations inspiring
  • Interesting pieces; evoking question without question so much it makes the piece boring
  • Viewers can interpret pieces how they wish
  • Dreams are interpreted differently by each individual dreamer – this is something I wish to portray in my own work



  • Use of colour – vibrant red contrasting with turquoise blue to disguise the image
  • A technique I could use in my own dreams as dreams are often disguised and forgotten.


  • Andy Warhol pieces using colour in contrast to diamond dust.
  • The diamond dust is glittery in a subtle way – from afar it could barely be seen, but up close the fine glitters were identifiable.
  • I could use diamond dust to portray the mystical vibe that dreams have – why we have dreams is a science mystery.