Life Drawing Reflective


This week’s life drawing surrounded overlaying of drawings. My first attempt was with one minute charcoal sketches. Although I liked the appearance of doing this, I knew that overlaying the figure so many times in one colour with full detail would get confused and would potentially fail. From this, I decided to use coloured pastels to allow differentiation between each drawing. I initially had the intention of overlaying the figures as I did in the first experiment, but after the first drawing of Anne I felt too attached to draw directly over it – so instead I overlayed on top of a section I didn’t like. This was successful for the most part, but Aston pointed out that the figures looked a bit segmented – they appeared to be all separate instead of flowing as one drawing like they did in the first. Working with what I already had on the page, I dragged the colours from other figures into the shadows and background. Aston also suggested that next time I could bring the other colours into the figure drawing itself – to add a depth of tone to ensure the drawings don’t look so flat. I intend to try this next time. Overall, I think overlaying worked well for me, however I would like to achieve a piece that is as overlayed as the first attempt, but is as detailed and colourful as the second. To do this I should experiment further with the technique.