Pattern on Illustrator Reflective

Feelings and analysis:

  • Currently, I don’t feel comfortable with my Illustrator or Photoshop skills and really feel like they need to be improved. I find that it takes me a long time to create anything on these programs because I am unsure how to do certain things, meaning I need to Google or ask for help. To problem solve this, I understand that I need to practice to build up my skills.
  • I found creating the moodboard fairly easy in terms of the skills needed. As we were shown how to create colour boards from images, this helped push my moodboard and Illustrator skills forward.

What went well/badly:

  • Creating the mood board helped me to visualise aspects of my concept together, in one place. I found specific colour combinations which filtered through the images I had found.
  • From creating the moodboard, I know that it could be pushed further with the inclusion of my own work. This would make the board more personal and relevant to me; portraying my actual ideas rather than ideas of other artists.

What I have learned and how will it help me in the future:

  • Creating this mood board has improved my Illustrator skills somewhat, which will benefit me when it comes to using Illustrator again.
  • I have learned the effectiveness of mood boards also, which has encouraged me to create more. Doing this will improve my understanding of my concept and develop it visually.