Pattern on Illustrator

  • Heads are a common theme throughout my mood board due to dream occuring in the mind.
  • I initially doodled three head shapes with scribbles inside – imitating dreams in the mind. This developed into the patterns below.
  • Black image created by drawing with the pen tool to make a vector.
  • Layered with image from Pinterest, which is flipped differently for each head.
  • Working with the idea that the head is dreaming, the abstract mark making reflects the dream.
  • I think this pattern is effective for the general concept of dreams but doesn’t answer my question of whether dreams are depicted by daily life. To make it more relevant to my concept I could create the same pattern compositionally but showing the figures during the day, perhaps with a shopping scene behind them or some other daily life scene.


  • Below is an example of the type of pattern I could create to reflect my concept more. I would use an image with a similar colour palette to tie the pieces together.
  • The idea is that one pattern shows the dream, and one shows the daily life – representing whether they are linked or not.