Plan for Lancaster Trip

  • Experiment with filming Em Y and Em M’s recurring dreams – setting up a picnic before a hurricane comes (clever editing?) and being chased around a car.
  • Experiment with filming and photographing representations of a nightmare – using abandoned places, narrow hallways, dark corners.
  • Experiment with filming in a showroom, recreate that film in the street – as if the daily life influenced the dream.
  • Create sketches and photograph museum paintings/pieces in the Storey Gallery that link to dreams – historic everyday household scenes in the museum (could link to the theory about dreams being a reflection of daily life).
  • Visit interior design shops, gather inspiration for patterns relating to dreams, take photographs, photograph bedroom show rooms  – idealised places of where dreams occur.
  • See if I have a dream on the following night after the visit to Lancaster – create a response piece to it if so.