Quick Research From Books

‘Icons of Photography – The 20th Century’ – Prestel

Manuel Alvarez Bravo – The Dreamer (1931)

  • This image links to my concept by being a captured moment of someone asleep – perhaps dreaming.



‘The Photograph as Contemporary Art’ – Thames and Hudson world of art (new edition).


Anna Gaskell – Untitled 59 (1999)

  • This image produces an eerie, distorted, muted emotive that I think o=would be successful if used to translate dreams.



Jennifer Balande – Globe, St Mark’s Place, NYC (2001)

  • This image links to the idea of dreams occurring at nighttime, it looks at the window with perhaps a dreaming person inside. The globe on the windowsill indicates perhaps a child’s bedroom. I really enjoy the lighting in this image – it mimics either dusk or dawn.I like this image in reflection of my concept as it portrays an alternative view of someone dreaming – looking outside in, rather than inside out.