Lancaster Trip Reflective

I found visiting Lancaster really useful for my research and I found many research elements that are beneficial to my project. These include display methods inspiration, seeing how other artists portray their concept, inspiration for contemporary works, and new techniques. I took many photographs and short film clips that I intend to extend into a small developmental film piece. However, I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to on my plan. It was hard to fit everything into one and a half hours, which was something I didn’t anticipate. I intend to still work towards completing most things on my list to problem solve this. In the future, I need to be wary of what is manageable in a short amount of time. I believe I failed to consider how long it would take to actually get to some of the places I wanted to visit, which faltered on how long I had left to work with. Regardless of this, I think the trip was successful and I have much more primary research material now.