Lancaster Visit

The Storey Gallery

Interesting display methods:

  • Ripped pieces to display concept, setting up a small room.
  • Three ideas displayed in three different coloured circles.
  • Abstract embroidery on canvas – threads hanging down (dreams dripping out of mind? Subconscious dripping out?)

An artist I liked:-

  • ‘Head in the Clouds’ – colours and fabrics represent clouds, hats represent head, composition almost looks like a figure; their head being in the palest part of the piece (in the clouds)
  • Contemporary style
  • Abstract portrayal of head being in the clouds
  • Could be interpreted to represent dreams?


Things that could help with my FMP:-

  • Using smoke to represent dreams – create an illustration out of smoke? Smoke appears mysterious and unclear, as dreams to.
  • Marker pen on glass to give effect of stained glass – could illustrate a dream on glass and photograph over a daily scene to represent the dream being in relation to daily life.
  • Idea of illusion – illusion and confusion created within dreams.
  • Working with shadows, dreams occur at night.

Within my specialism:-

  • Interior spaces – small instillation? Contrasting colours, use of light, tonal fabrics.

Museum of Lancaster

Things that could help with my FMP:-

  • What kind of dreams would these people have had? (Post traumatic stress)
  • Instillation of scene – dreams/daily life
  • Miniature room scene – contrast between daily life and dreams

Walking around Lancaster

Within my specialism:-

  • Interiors/architecture
  • Wonky buildings (Alice in Wonderland, hallucinogenic)
  • Abandoned building (nightmare)
  • Abandoned building (dreams of a door = common dream)

Something that could help with FMP:-

  • The speaker outside Bella Italia played music as well as the music being played inside the restaurant. This relates to my concept in terms of my question asking whether dreams (inside our head) are influenced by our daily life (outside our head).


Lancaster University Gallery

Things that could help with my FMP:-

  • All work by Andy Holden
  • ‘Eyes in Space (Second Series) – ink jet print with googly eyes, these three simple cartoon-like pieces aim to convey to feeling of looking up and feeling watched, and that the ‘universe also looks back”
  • I like the concept behind this piece and think it is translated well in a literal sense. I think it could be interpreted as something dream-like, coinciding with the common theme of dreams being mysterious, as the universe (and stars) are.


Things that could help with my FMP:-

  • Tie-dye patterns – the swirling patterns remind me of patterns associated to dreaming; swirling into a mysterious world.
  • Large dream catcher – research dream catcher theories and histories.