3D Workshop

First attempt at making an unconventional dream catcher:-

  • Prior to this I tried using thin black thread, however it was difficult to see and to generally work with.
  • The thread connecting the two sides ended up sagging which altered the shape of the web.
  • No clear center, so doesn’t resemble a good dream catcher.


Second attempt at creating a dream catcher:-

  • Used another twig to connect the top, ensuring the shape of the web wouldn’t distort.
  • Definitive center – looks effective.
  • To develop further, I could create the web on a larger scale – between people, create a photo shoot with people falling into the web to personify good and bad dreams, create web around something seen in daily life to reflect my concept more – within a door frame, in a sink, on a running machine (the common dream of running away from something but being unable to run in dreams).