My Dream – 17/03/2017

The dream:

  • All in this big building, the idea was that you didn’t lose the ideas for your dream
  • Me and Myles had to clean work
  • He had to get the sweeping brush and I had to get a speaker
  • He got a speaker too that had ‘Unilad’ (facebook page) on which apparently belonged to Kanye
  • We got on the bus which was layed out like concert seats – specifically 12 seats along and 6 rows up
  • We got to work and none of the toilets were usable and there were hundreds of them
  • I clocked in late to work because the till was up so high

Relation to life:

  • Looking at lucid dream that day – not losing the ideas for your dream
  • Spoke to Myles
  • Was on facebook before bed
  • The toilets were in use at college that day
  • Clocking in late to work

No relation to life:

  • Sweeping brush and speaker?
  • Kanye
  • The bus
  • Everything was so big