Statistics Workshop

The Stuff of Dreams

  • 3% of dreams are nightmares
  • 11% of dreams are bad dreams

How Often Do We Dream

  • We dream 4 – 6 times in one night
  • We forget 95-99% of our dreams


FMP themes:-

  • Dreams in relation to daily life
  • Sleep
  • Fiction
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Dream interpretation

Opposite themes:-

  • Nightmares in relation to daily life
  • Imagination
  • Insomnia
  • Reality
  • Uncontrolled dreams
  • Meaningless dreams



People who do not sleep (from insomnia) often suffer dream deprivation. Dreaming, arguably, allows the sorting out of thoughts and memories – discarding useless ones to make room for more, processing information, it keeps the fight or flight instinct prevalent, prepares for the future, and problem solves. Not dreaming could have detrimental effects on the memory.

Poster Ideas:-