Dream Deprivation

Importance of Sleep and Hazards of Dream Deprivation

  • Doctor Naiman – how sleeping and dreaming affects your health, relates to my concept of questioning whether daily life affects your dreams.
  • Naiman found it was difficult for people to move forward or to address and heal emotional issues if they were tired or sleepy.
  • “Sleep and dreams are a bit like water and food to the psyche, to the soul, to the mind”
  • REM sleep (where dreaming occurs) happens in the latter third of the night. Losing sleep at that time results in ‘dream deprivation’. This happens when alarm clocks go off, potentially interrupting dreams.
  • “Dreaming is essential”
  • Dreaming helps process information from our lives – form our senses. All the information we’ve metaphorically swallowed is digested and sifted through – the brain decides what it is going to keep and let go of.
  • “I think after this information is digested, the process of assimilation shows up metaphorically in the dream, in the images of the dream. If you don’t dream well, it negatively affects your memory – preventing you from growing.”