Chat with Annie Reflective

When discussing my concept and development ideas with Annie, she highlighted ways in which I could improve. She stated that I should look at recent studies and make my own studies also that aren’t just on myself and my own dreams. She suggested that I get a range of people to begin a dream journal which I can analyse to create an answer to my question – compare genders and ages. She also stated I need to find some concrete evidence to ensure my project doesn’t become airy and distant – naive. To do this I will gather my own evidence in a more ranged way than I was doing, and I will research current studies to help me come to my own conclusion. Annie suggested some development pieces ideas too, such as working with layering, creating innovative pieces in response to other people’s dreams, being less literal and more abstract. I found this discussion really insightful and beneficial in pushing my FMP forward. I intend to work with everything that was stated which I believe will develop my concept and project as a whole.