Dream Journal Conclusion

  • Kept dream journal for two weeks
  • Ensured I got enough sleep to dream and woke up hours before any alarms to ensure I could remember them
  • Every dream had relations to my life – most parts of the dreams related to life
  • The order of the dreams was very muddled, as dreams are
  • I conclude that my own personal dreams related to my daily life
  • The question I now as is, why this is – why does my mind do this?
  • I also ask if this occurs to other people, so have asked a range of people to begin keeping a dream journal
  • Obviously, there are variables I can’t control to make this a fair experiment, such as their sleeping times to ensure they dream, etc. However, this will give me an indication of my own answer
  • I will now consider dreams in terms of dream disruption – by going to sleep later and sleeping in later, my alarm will wake me up and hopefully interrupt a dream