Feedback Reflective

Receiving feedback on my mood board for my concept progression through the week highlighted some issues I was facing and will face if I continue as I am. It was questioned what was interesting about the answer I would come to by only asking ‘do our dreams stem from our daily life?’, which was something I couldn’t justify. To problem solve, it was stated that I should consider revising my question and develop it whilst developing my project as a whole. From this, we discussed the actual reasons for our dreams. Whatever my answer to the initial question is, which I intend to come to by the middle of next week, I need to ask why that is – why our body needs to dream, to it even have a function, can I get evidence for this, what happens if we don’t dream? Developing my initial question to this has pushed my concept further and provided more areas I can explore and experiment with. I found this feedback particularly beneficial in extending my concept and the kind of outcome I could end up creating, and I agree that if my question doesn’t develop in the ways stated before, my outcome will not be anywhere near as effective as it could be.