Mood Board for the Week Reflective

The first learning objective for this activity was to explain how I have begun to clarify or develop my concept towards an answer, my response to this was, although limited, I have considered and researched more elements surrounding my project – developing my understanding of the subject before I make my own conclusion. The second learning objective was to demonstrate how I have used workshops to explore visual ideas to make progress in my FMP. I believe I demonstrate this through the two pieces I have created so far this week, however I understand that just two pieces, by Wednesday, isn’t enough of a progression through my project. With this in mind, this mood board has reflected how much more I am required to do to push my concept and skills forward. Upon discussion with my group, I realised that I had pushed my project somewhat further in terms of research, however I had failed to do so through development. To problem solve, I need to push my research into development as soon as it has been completed. Doing this will enable me to experiment with every idea, rather than dropping them after they have been researched. Moving forward, this is what I intend to do, and I hope to have achieved at least four more development pieces by the end of the week.