Why Do We Dream

  • ‘Secret world’
  • ‘Humanity wouldn’t be here without nightmares’
  • Why would mother nature highly activate your brain, paralyse your body, sexually activate you, and force you to watch thee things we call dreams?
  • Scientists believe dreams have a purpose – they are personal, reliable
  • The brain waves begin asleep, then they appear awake, yet the dreamer is not awake, their mind is just awake – dreaming, in REM sleep
  • Blinking during REM sleep
  • Become paralysed – can’t make muscles move
  • REM sleep disorder – dangerous, very vivid dreams, acting out the dream, talking, moving, allows us to see someone else’s dream
  • No dreams: lack quality of sleep, never feel rested, keep waking up (suggests the body wakes up when entering REM sleep, so for normal sleepers – dreams allow us to stay asleep)
  • Attikamek tribe create a dream circle and discuss and analyse their dreams as a ritual
  • Dream help solve problems – we can think outside the box, be more creative (we learn in our sleep)
  • There’s a definite link between dreams and memory – performance improves when someone has dreamed of the thing
  • I like the documentary’s portrayal of dreams – use of overlaying and distortion