‘Dream Psychology – Psychoanalysis for Beginners’ – Sigmund Freud

The great Sigmund Freud - as a therapist working with older clients often bereaved,  I remember always two things he said 'For all its glory, England is a land for rich and healthy people. Also they should not be too old' and 'We find a place for what we lose..no matter what may fill the gap, even if it be filled completely, it nevertheless remains something else':

  • Dreams are friendly or hostile manifestations of some higher powers (e.g. the mind)
  • ‘a peculiar state of physical activity’
  • Dreams are provoked and initiated exclusively by stimuli proceeding from senses or the body
  • ‘Dreams are but sea-foam’

French Connection AW14 Inspiration - Water:

  • Phobias, obsessions or illusions
  • The dream is a substitution for emotional and intellectual trains of thought
  • 1 – Dreams that have a meaning and are intelligible, allowing us to penetrate into our physical life – these dreams are numerous and short
  • 2 – Dreams that have a self-coherent and have a distinct meaning but appear strange because we are unable to reconcile their meaning
  • 3 – Dreams that are incoherent, complicated and meaningless – longer and complicated dream plots
  • Dreams satisfy wishes excite during the day which remain unrealised

Paula Braconnot:

  • Dreams often express a desire
  • ‘An idea merely existing in the region of possibility is replaced by a vision of its accomplishment’