Dreams in Pop-Culture Reflective


Feelings and analysis:

  • Finding dreams or similar content to dreams in pop-culture, primarily children’s fictional pop-culture, was really interesting.

What went well/badly:

  • Finding my concept in pop-culture was successful because it highlighted to me how much of a common theme it is within children’s fiction. I think that this is because children fantasize about fictional, dream-like worlds so often through their imagination, and the easiest way to convey this through the media is by primarily considering the dream worlds we create in our minds.

What I have learned and how it will help me in the future:

  • Finding my concept in pop-culture has shown me the importance of the subject to children. Also, it has highlighted the fantastical and imaginative elements in it too. This will benefit my exhibition because I could potentially target my space to children, with the knowledge that it is obviously a subject the like and understand.