Interesting Things When Dreaming

Things that happen when we sleep

Feeling like you’re falling:

  • The hypnagogic jerk – when we dream, our body’s are paralyzed. Sometimes, we start dreaming before our body has fully switched ‘off’.
  • Acting out falling off a cliff, falling from the sky, or tripping.
  • Often happens when we are over-tired, sleep deprived, or stressed.
  • The brain enters the sleep cycle more aggressively and quickly than the body.

Hypnic Jerk – Jolted Awake When Falling Asleep:


  • Occurs during the first stages of sleep – when the body is entering the deep stages, but there is still enough muscle tone to produce sounds or movements that may accompany dreams

Recurring dreams:

  • Dreaming is a way to sort out things before the brain fills them away as memories
  • Recurring dreams may happen with unresolved psychological issues the brain is trying to sort out

not afraid. not of the wicked ogre, the bogey man, the Pied Piper...:

Exploding head syndrome:

  • Waking up having heard a really loud noise, like an explosion, a flash of light, or a sense that their head is exploding
  • It’s a type of hypnagogic jerk – you’re heading towards deep sleep but your body hasn’t achieved paralysis yet

This shows me that you could be displaying no emotion on the outside yet your head could be exploding with emotion without anyone knowing: